Our Company

Clients can count on CS Enterprises to handle their project no matter how big or howworking-8 small.  From pumping stations and floodgates to the repair of your shop welding machine, our company covers maintenance and repairs for gasoline-and diesel-powered vehicles, as well as construction, industrial, or general commercial equipment.

In today’s economy, it is essential to be able to hang onto every dollar of profit that “walks through your door.”  So before you decide to get rid of that piece of machinery that seems to be totally worn out or just “totaled” in general, be sure to Contact Us to make sure that by cleaning, reinstalling, or replacing worn or defective parts of components and systems, we can’t get your equipment back online and producing for you.

With almost 35 years experience as a Marine Diesel Mechanic, Heavy Equipment Mechanic, Head Mechanic, Diesel Mechanic, as well as supervising maintenance and operations, owner John Calzada, a Master Hydraulic Mechanic, has the operational and mechanical knowledge and experience to handle any job that comes along – no matter what size.  CS Enterprises strives to complete your job on time, within budget, and to exceed your expectations in saving you money and getting your equipment back up and running.

You can click on any of the links within our Services to find out more information about the type of projects we handle.  Also, feel free to Contact Us for an estimate of your job today.  Call 504-394-7222 or e-mail Info@CSENOLA.com to schedule a quote.