With over 35 years of experience in working on and managing projects for every kind of gas-powered and diesel-powered machine that can be imagined, CS Enterprises offers a versatile and multi-tiered variety of services in the Greater New Orleans area.

From small projects such as fixing a power shovel or tractor for an individual business to large and complex projects such as troubleshooting the marine diesel engine on a container ship in the Port of New Orleans, CS Enterprises literally “does it all” when it comes to the diagnostics, maintenance, repairs, replacement or refurbishment of faulty parts, in order to extend the service life of many different types of construction and hydraulic equipment, industrial machinery, and marine diesel equipment.

CS Enterprises is a small, medium, and large-sized business’ best friend in that the entire concept of the company is to save business owners money by repairing or replacing the systems or components of non-working machines in order to get them up and running as well as running for a longer period of time.  Saving a company money by making the purchase of new equipment unnecessary, as well as fixing it correctly the first time so that the project budget is not spent fixing the same problem over and over, is the mission of CS Enterprises.

If you or your company needs assistance with any of your equipment or machinery, make the call to CS Enterprises first to determine whether or not it’s worth your time and money to repair your assets rather then spending the money replacing them.

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