Construction Equipment

As the Greater New Orleans area was not as impacted by the Recession as other parts of the country, everywhere you go, you see bustling construction sites – both roadwork and residential and commercial building work.  With all of the trailers and equipment riding around and on the jobsite, CS Enterprises is constantly called out to every size business – small, medium, or large – to assist with the maintenance and repair of these massive and complicated pieces of machinery.

Examples of past equipment on which we have worked include the following Construction Equipment: asphalt pavers, forklifts, cherry pickers, front-end loaders, pile drivers, cranes with magnets, graders, scrapers, rear-end loaders, concrete mixers, shredders, chippers, excavators, track-type loaders, backhoes, power shovels, trenchers, bulldozers, log loaders, landfill compactors, skid steer loaders, off-highway trucks, tractors, concrete / industrial saws, generator sets, and welders.

The last thing you need on your construction jobsite is a faulty piece of equipment which was vital to completing your project on time and on budget.  Let CS Enterprises service your piece of construction equipment onsite, efficiently, using high-tech testing equipment, years of experience, and basic common sense. With CS Enterprises, you can be assured that we will service the equipment properly and only have to come out to you once to fix your problem – as long as it can be fixed.  If, for any reason, your machine is unfixable, CS Enterprises offer Equipment Disposal Consulting as well as Equipment Replacement Consulting to help you best decide what is the  most budget-friendly and affordable course of action.

CS Enterprises is full-service.  Not only do we know our equipment from top to bottom, but we also offer the same kind of attentiveness to our clients in getting them the best possible service and care that will not “break the bank.”

For Construction Equipment Maintenance or Repair, Contact CS Enterprises at 504-394-7222 or E-mail for More Information.