One of the biggest challenges when running your company is knowing someone who you can call that will “shoot straight” with you when it comes to making equipment and system purchasing decisions.  You may have just merged with or bought out another company, and you need advice on the condition of the equipment you have purchased.  Or, you may be wanting to upgrade your entire fleet, and you need to know the type of equipment that has the best “shelf life” and durability so that you get your ROI as well as maximize your depreciation each year on your taxes.  Finally, you may just have a bunch of equipment that works “o.k.” most of the time, and you definitely don’t have the money to spend on replacing it.  CS Enterprises is here to help.

Owner John Calzada lives, breathes, and works mechanics, engines, and parts all day long.  He has been in and out of almost every type and size of equipment imaginable and has done diagnostic work and repairs to most every brand of machinery on the market.  Because of his vast experience and exceptional team, he has grown CS Enterprises into a respected, fully sourced equipment repair, refurbishment, and maintenance company.  CS Enterprises offers consultant services to companies in order to help them make the right decision the first time on equipment purchases, disposal, and replacement.  The goal of the company is to maximize your dollar by “saving what you can,” eliminating what no longer is viable, and to upgrade to the latest and most efficient system in order to increase profit.

Consultant services include firsthand inspection of your equipment and systems as well as your facility in order to give you the direction in which to take your company.  CS Enterprises operates in the Greater New Orleans area on both the East and West Banks and services small, medium, and large-size companies.

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