Equipment Disposal

With the economy stretched tighter than it has been in decades, there is a lot of bartering and trading of machines and equipment in the market.  When it comes to disposing of small, medium, or large-size equipment, CS Enterprises can advise you on the best course of action to take.  It may be that the parts on your machine alone are valuable to another business, or that you could possibly trade what you have with someone else who has a need – either for money or for different equipment.  CS Enterprises has its pulse on the machinery industry.  Owner John Calzada is constantly out on jobs and working with many different types of companies and can assist business owners with the best plan of action in disposing of used, old, or seemingly unusable equipment.

So, before you “trash” your old equipment or machines, give CS Enterprises the chance to maximize the potential of the parts or trade of that machine to get you what you need – whether it’s money or other parts or machines.

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