Small Equipment

Sometimes the smallest cogs in a wheel make the biggest impact when you are on a construction or commercial job.  If those parts break down and stop working, sometimes, they can bring the entire job to a standstill until they are fixed or replaced.  If you are a small to medium-sized business, it may not be cost effective to you to go out and buy new equipment every time something breaks down.  After all, in this economy, we know you bid that job to the barest bones in order to land the contract.  That is where CS Enterprises can be of the most benefit to you.

You probably didn’t know that there was a company out there that would come to your location and offer you repair and refurbishment services to the most basic small equipment that you have.  Some of the equipment on which we have worked includes pumps, motors, lawn mowers, tractors, hydraulic lifts, generators, rotary valves, welding machines, air compressors, air tools, mixers, hydraulic cylinders, and winches.  These pieces of equipment can be vital in getting your job done, and we want to make sure that you have the right tools for the job when it comes to you maximizing your profit.

In addition to on-site servicing for repairs, CS Enterprises offers equipment maintenance services for your small equipment.  For a monthly retainer, we are “on standby” for our monthly clients to pre-check all of your equipment for you so that when you are called out to do a job, you can rest in the security of knowing that all of your equipment is functioning properly and will not break down on you in the middle of the job.

We are here to help, so if you are in need of a program for maintaining your equipment, Contact CS Enterprises Today at 504-394-7222 or E-mail for More Information.