Marine Diesel Equipment

In addition to your company being located in Southeast Louisiana, if you are operating and working with marine diesel equipment, then you know the hazards of brine water and salt water on your machinery.  CS Enterprises handles the smallest requests for workmanship on marine diesel equipment from engine or generator maintenance, to rebuilding or a complete repower.

To understand the scope of equipment on which we operate, below is a list of the type of marine diesel machinery on which we work.

Large marine diesel engines (>50hp), recreational marine diesels and locomotive engines

Under 50 horsepower, such as sailboats and gen sets (used for auxiliary power by sailboats and recreational boats)

Recreation boats – cruisers and yachts

Category 1 Commercial Marine Vessels – workboats, police boats and fishing vessels

Category 2 Commercial Marine Vessels – Tugboats, ferries, freighters, & Auxiliary power engines used by ocean-going vessels

Category 3 Commercial Marine Vessels marine engines used in cruise ships & container ships

Diesel marine generators for boats

Our services include the following:

Lubrication – checking levels; changing oil, oil filters; performing oil sampling for trending analysis to optimize oil change intervals and to detect engine wear.

Fuel system – changing fuel filters, fuel injectors; checking water separators; and doing fuel quality analysis to make sure fuel contains proper lubricants and additives.

Cooling system – fluid level checks; coolant sampling for trending analysis; draining, flushing and refilling the system when required.

Air intake system – inspecting and changing air filters; inspecting the turbocharger to make sure there is no fouling of the compressor blades from crankcase gases.

Exhaust system – inspecting for leaks, corrosion, wet stacking.

Valves and heads – inspecting, adjusting and recording of valve train wear for trending analysis; inspecting and recording of cylinder head wear for trending analysis.

Emissions systems – inspecting crankcase ventilation systems, selective catalytic reduction (SCR) systems and diesel particulate filters (if so equipped).

Mechanical systems – inspecting resilient engine mounts and torsional couplings; general inspecting for leaks, wear or deterioration.

CS Enterprises will take on any project no matter how big or how small.  We are currently contracted to work on the following projects in conjunction with the City of New Orleans and the Army Corps of Engineers:

Hydraulics Modifications for the D-watering Pumps at the Inner Harbor Navigation Canal (IHNC) & the Port Allen Lock

Maintenance of Hydraulic Flood Gates at the Seabrook Floodgate Complex

Maintenance of the Sector Gate Over the Caernarvon Canal

Our company is no stranger to the complexities that go into maintaining equipment and machinery diesel parts on the water.  For your Marine Diesel Equipment needs, Contact CS Enterprises at 504-394-7222 or E-mail