Property Maintenance

In order for a productive business to maximize its potential and profit, there are many factors about which a business owner considers: the expertise and experience of his or her employees, the location of the business, the overhead and business expenses, and the pricing structure of the business services. Business owners have so much to think about and do to make money, they rarely have time for the “niceties” of owning their business.  Niceties can include decorating their office, hiring a cleaning crew to clean the offices or facility, having refreshments for onsite customers, etc.

In over 35 years of working on machinery and equipment, owner John Calzada of CS Enterprises noticed one thing that can make a big difference to business owners’ productivity and profit – maintenance of the property or facility in which the business resides.  There are a couple of reasons that property maintenance is important.  First of all, with the economy as tight as it is, a clean, well-organized, and visually appealing business location will outshine your competition and give you an edge on acquiring and retaining business.

Another aspect of property maintenance that some business owners don’t consider is the fact that a clean, well-organized facility keeps your machinery and equipment in good working order.  If you don’t maintain your property and have weeds and grass growing up around and through your equipment where it is parked, there is a greater chance of deterioration in that equipment.

Property maintenance is also important for efficiency purposes especially if you have a lot of equipment that you utilize on your jobs.  Creating a system for storage and equipment extraction for jobs can make it easier for you to pull out and haul the equipment you need for the job without having to move every other piece of equipment on your property in the process.  This saves your employees time and hopefully, gets your jobs done faster or at least on time.  It also lets everyone know that there is a designated place where everything goes so that when one employee puts something away, another employee knows where to go and get it when they need it.

Something as simple as property maintenance can also help your attitude as a business owner, giving you pride and confidence in your company and employees’ abilities.  Like everything that CS Enterprises does, we take an experienced, common sense approach to helping you organize, maintenance, and maintain all aspects of your business to help you be successful.

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